Links der Woche

  • Will Machines Eliminate Us?:

    ”There are people who are grossly overestimating the progress that has been made. There are many, many years of small progress behind a lot of these things, including mundane things like more data and computer power. The hype isn’t about whether the stuff we’re doing is useful or not—it is. But people underestimate how much more science needs to be done. And it’s difficult to separate the hype from the reality because we are seeing these great things and also, to the naked eye, they look magical.“

  • Computers as Oracles: True Answers We Won’t Understand:

    “An accompanying editorial notes that AlphaCo’s play is “intuitive” and that the folks at DeepMind do not know what the AlphaGo system is “thinking” when it makes a move.“

  • Oklahoma university to track Fitbit activity on all incoming freshmen:

    “Students must hit 10,000 steps each day, have 150 active minutes of exercise per week, as well as an elevated heart rate between 60 and 80 BPM for an extended period of time. Students must buy their own device, just like a textbook.”

  • Is Harm to a Prosthetic Limb Property Damage or Personal Injury?:

    “According to the law, you and your cell phone are two separate entities. No matter how reliant you might feel on the small, glowing rectangle in your pocket, the distinction is clear: you are a person and your phone is your property. In the same way, the law also sees a separation between a person who is using a prosthetic (such as a bionic limb) and the device itself.“

  • Muss das Baby wissen, wie man Kaffee macht?:

    “Heute morgen habe ich mit dem Baby auf dem Arm Kaffee gemacht. Sie ist jetzt 8 Monate alt, und ich hab ihr bei jedem Schritt erklärt, was ich da genau mache. Dabei dachte ich: werden wir je herausfinden, ob es was gebracht hat? Also ob man mit Kindern so früh schon sprechen und ihnen Sachen erklären sollte*?“

  • Reinickendorf:

    “Seit kurzem wohne ich in Reinickendorf. In Alt-Wittenau. Gegenüber ist eine Tankstelle, die hat bis Mitternacht offen. Da geh ich jetzt hin um Zigaretten und Bier zu kaufen.“