Links der Woche

  • The Fundamental Limits of Machine Learning – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus:

    “But in 1996, computer scientist David Wolpert proved that no such learner exists. In his famous “No Free Lunch” theorems, he showed that for every pattern a learner is good at learning, there’s another pattern that same learner would be terrible at picking up. The reason brings us back to my aunt’s puzzle—to the infinite patterns that can match any finite amount of data.  Choosing a learning algorithm just means choosing which patterns a machine will be bad at. Maybe all tasks of, say, visual pattern recognition will eventually fall to a single all-encompassing algorithm. But no learning algorithm can be good at learning everything.“

  • The Exact Moment When People Stopped Talking on the Phone:

    “Calling somebody on the phone used to be a perfectly ordinary thing to do. You called people you knew well, not so well, or not at all, and never gave it a second thought. But after the Great Texting Shift of 2007, a phone call became a claim of intimacy. Today if I want to phone someone just to chat, I first have to consider whether the call will be viewed as intrusive.“