Links der Woche

  • Why you should always buy the men’s version of almost anything:

    ”The scooters’ price gap isn’t an anomaly. The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs compared nearly 800 products with female and male versions — meaning they were practically identical except for the gender-specific packaging — and uncovered a persistent surcharge for one of the sexes. Controlling for quality, items marketed to girls and women cost an average 7 percent more than similar products aimed at boys and men.“

  • Das sind die wahren Chemtrails:

    “Aluminium, Barium und Strontium, diese Stoffe lassen sich viel viel unauffälliger in die Atmosphäre bringen, als mit Flugzeugen. Und das perfideste daran ist, die ganzen Ungläubigen pusten das Zeug selbst in die Umwelt. Wirklich wahr! Die Recherchen von Psiram haben genau das ergeben. Einmal im Jahr, wenn ganz besonders viele verdächtige Streifen am Himmel zu sehen sind, steigt die Feinstaubbelastung mit folgenden Stoffen massiv an.”

  • The end of capitalism has begun:

    “In the “Fragment” Marx imagines an economy in which the main role of machines is to produce, and the main role of people is to supervise them. He was clear that, in such an economy, the main productive force would be information. The productive power of such machines as the automated cotton-spinning machine, the telegraph and the steam locomotive did not depend on the amount of labour it took to produce them but on the state of social knowledge. Organisation and knowledge, in other words, made a bigger contribution to productive power than the work of making and running the machines.“